Assurance Services

We constantly update the quality of audit procedures

to ensure a documented and understandable view of the financial situation.


The constantly variable global economic environment has deeply affected the Greek economy. Constant modernization of auditing procedures in these fluctuating circumstances is conditional in terms of unobstructed and actual support for Greek companies.


In this framework our firm performs audits of financial statements, as required by the provisions of CL. 2190/1920 in terms of accounting standards provided Greek legislation. We also perform tax audits required by the provisions of article 82 par. 5 of L.2238/1994 as well as by POL1159/2011.


Furthermore, we perform financial audits for companies’ listing in the Stock Exchange Market and audits – reports for mergers and companies’ conversions. Procedures applied for our audits are based on International Auditing Standards (ISA).


The one thing that makes HAC team especially efficient and effective is that their members not only acquire experience of multinational nature and expert knowledge of IFRS but have also in-depth knowledge of the Greek market and legislation.