Timely and valid financial results…

for having a clear company’s image and a clear mind for planning the future.


During this period, we are going through, the burden for the private sector companies’ on-going operation and progress falls on the shoulders of general directors, financial directors and accounting department managers.


These are the people who need the strongest possible support, so clear minded and in cooperation with management team to be able to plan for the companies’ future and to assure their long duration as well as the professional and financial progress of their people.


To these people we will stand by with direct personal services and customized approaches, in order to satisfy their needs, regardless of their magnitude and operations.


With our knowhow, our vast experience in Greek market and legislation, as well as our knowledge in International Accounting Standards, we will stand by their side offering them appropriate auditing, tax and consulting services, for them to have valid, timely and reliable financial results together with suggestions for improving their financial procedures.


The certified auditors-accountants and advisors of HAC