We wish to contribute to progress

and the presence of the Greek enterprise internationally.


We experience unprecedented times in global and local scale. The economic recession limits the future’s horizon. People try to figure out what mistakes they did in the past and what is the thing they still do wrong. Financial executive boards and financial departments not only in our country but in Europe as well seek ways and solutions in order to move on to development stage. Whatever the solution will be economic science and financial audit will always be in the center of enterprises, progress, companies and states.


We feel that globalization is a non-reversible phenomenon. Greek companies which will seek their continuity and their development should be familiarize with this reality but mainly they will need to obtain high level specialization, knowhow, exceptional organization and above all a very useful and cutting-edge product not only for Greece but for abroad as well. With the prospect of supporting every Greek business which will try to be internationally competitive and to achieve its goals, we comprised our team.


We aim to contribute, subject to the proportions corresponding to us, to financial procedures rationalization and to efficient organization of financial departments, based on our objective well documented and understandable financial audits as well as on our advisory services, so as more Greek companies as possible to be able to think and plan such effort with a clear mind. We will be close by such companies that will try and succeed.